Boston 'Famous Five' Bike Rack Boys Rewarded With Kebabs And Champagne By Council

The young chaps who fixed a bike rack in Boston after a boozy night out have been honoured - with Champagne and kebabs.

The so-called "famous five" even got certificates in a lavish ceremony in the council chamber on Monday night.

CCTV footage of their good deed went viral after they struggled for 13 minutes to right the rack.

The footage has been viewed millions of times

Boston mayor, Cllr Paul Kenny, said the lads "had shown they were public-spirited, portrayed Boston in a good light to the world and raised a smile in the borough and across the planet".

One of the five, Martin Griggs, 24, said they had been overwhelmed by all the attention for something they did as "a bit of a laugh".

The ceremony

Griggs and the other four - Dean Mason, 23, Simon McMillan, 23, Dan Butler, 23, and Jordan Doughty - were then taken to the Boston Delight kebab shop for their calorie laden reward.

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