Kenya Shopping Mall Siege Over But Bodies Now Trapped In Destroyed Centre

Kenya says the terrorists who stormed a Nairobi shopping mall have been defeated, but three mall floors collapsed during the battle, 72 people are confirmed dead and more bodies are trapped.

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta said: "I promise that we shall have a full accountability for the mindless destruction, deaths, pain, loss and suffering we have all undergone as a national family.

"These cowards will meet justice, as will their accomplices and patrons, wherever they are."

According to the president five terrorists were killed, while 11 suspects are in custody.

Earlier, a British woman caught up in the Nairobi terror attack has described how she fled with her young son and her husband as bullets flew around them.

Lynsey Khatau, 23, who divides her time between Pontllanfraith in South Wales and the Kenyan city, was shopping with husband Max and Caiz, four.

She said she began to think something was wrong when the lights went off but did not come back on as they usually do during regular power cuts.

"The first thing that happened was that a grenade went off under a car or something outside - that was the first thing that we heard," she told BBC Wales.