Richard Barnes, Ex-Boris Johnson Deputy, Denies Knowledge Of Naked Facebook 'Selfies'

Richard Barnes Selfies
Richard Barnes Selfies

A former deputy mayor of London has blamed hackers after lewd photos were posted to his Facebook account.

Richard Barnes, who was deputy to Boris Johnson between 2008 and 2012, told the Evening Standard: “Have you ever been hacked? Well I have been hacked. Someone’s got in there and put the picture up.”

The 'selfie' pictures were of a man with his trousers down and genitals fully exposed.

We have pixelated the image here

Barnes told the Metro: “I’m annoyed and shaking with anger.”

Barnes said he had been hacked

I’m a 65-year-old gay man on his own… It’s not the sort of thing I do. Do you really think I would be that f****** stupid after 30 years in politics?”

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