Spanish Festivalgoers Stage 'Performance' Of Gibraltar Invasion, Shooting Brits

Competitors in a fancy dress competition at a Spanish village fete put together a shocking play showing a Spanish tank opening fire on socks-and-sandal wearing Brits in Gibraltar.

A video of the play was posted by a user named Julián Trullenque Anés. The Telegraph, who first unearthed the footage suggested the video showed a school play.

But when contacted by the Huffington Post UK, Anés said the play came from a fete, in the tiny village of Valsalada, on the outskirts of Zaragoza, and he had nothing to with its creation.

He said it was a "fancy dress contest" where a group of kids did the performance.

"Neither the festival committee or the recorder had anything to do to it. I put it on YouTube yesterday for the local people to see. Then I started getting indignant messages from people, especially English people, so I decided to take it down," he told HuffPost UK.

"Now the Telegraph journalist published my name, and said it was a play at the school where I worked. The background is a bar! It Is not a play, or a school."

The video has since been removed, but copies remain on YouTube.

Here are the Brits living happily in their pink deck chairs in Gibraltar

The performance opens with "British" men and women in sunhats, carry deckchair and Union Jack flags, some wearing t-shirts emblazoned with "I Love London". They parade out onto the stage to strains of God Save The Queen.

Suddenly the music changes, to The Clash's Spanish Bombs, and laughing soldiers on board a makeshift tank open fire on the "Brits", who fall to the ground.

And kill everyone

The soldiers, carrying realistic-looking toy machine guns, hold a sign up saying "Gibraltar Español", to applause from the crowd of watching parents and students.