03/10/2013 07:30 BST | Updated 03/10/2013 08:03 BST

Penis Peeks Out From Behind Czech Newsreader's Head (NSFW PICTURE)

WARNING: Picture contains nudity

A TV news station was flooded with complaints during an afternoon broadcast after accidentally showing a "large" penis on a monitor behind the show’s anchor.

Ceskatelevize - one of the Czech Republic’s main broadcasters - began it’s 4pm broadcast with presenter Daniel Takac apparently unaware of the man’s genitalia peeping out from behind his head.

But newsroom journalists could be seen laughing in the background before the phallus was replaced by a picture of a green vegetable.

penis newsreader

Newsreader Daniel Takac seemed unaware a man's genitals were on a screen behind his head

A spokesman for the channel told Central European News: "The image was actually part of a documentary, but we should have been aware of timing and not had that particular scene playing when we went on air.

"It was a silly mistake."

That may not impress regulators however who say that such images are banned on daytime TV and warn that the broadcaster may face a severe fine once the investigation is complete.

Speaking of penises, this incident reminds us of the time Local ABC reporter Siobhan Riley was innocently drawing on a map to show her loyal viewers how road construction might be affecting their daily commutes.

But Riley, a reporter for ABC affiliate WJRT-TV, accidentally drew a giant penis smack in the middle of downtown Saginaw, Michigan.

Video below.