Czech Republic

Transport secretary Grant Shapps announced that travellers arriving in England from those countries after 4am on Saturday will need to self-isolate for 14 days.
Hospital staff have warned the number of casualties could still rise.
'I believe the authorities' conduct is designed to kill me or push me to the extent where my conditions are so unbearable that I will be forced to kill myself.'
He told the story after claims about Jeremy Corbyn's dealings with Czech intelligence.
Labour dismisses 'entirely false and ridiculous smears'.
A few months ago, Milos Zeman was caught telling Russia’s Vladimir Putin that journalists should be killed.
16-year-old 'tried to explain why nationalism makes no sense'
 In a Facebook post, The World Organisation of the Scout Movement said: “People from all walks of life and Scouts among them
In 1994, the rock band dEUS released Suds & Soda, a debut single suggesting a drunken fantasy jam between the Beastie Boys
Never heard of Karlovy Vary? Well, it's in the Czech Republic and a spa town like few others. They drink the healing water all the time and wander the vast gardens before and after. It's near Marienbad where Alain Resnais made his famously indecipherable classic Last Year at Marienbad.