04/10/2013 08:08 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Men Are Better Drivers Than Women, Spanish Judge Javier Albar Rules

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A Spanish judge has ruled men are better drivers than women - and that a driving school was within its rights to charge them less for lessons.

Judge Javier Albar made the ruling during a hearing in which a local driving school argued their decision to charge women more for lessons was not discriminatory, The Local reported.

The case originally came about after the Gasque driving school was fined for sexual discrimination after offering men unlimited lessons until they passed their test, priced at 665 euros and 850 euros for the same deal, The Daily Telegraph reported in November 2011.

The school appealed and Judge Albar overturned the ruling after hearing research from the school that suggested women needed more lessons than men to pass their test.

Judge Albar reasoned that the official data from Spain's Directorate of Traffic proved that "every single year, men displayed greater dexterity and better open road skills" than their female counterparts.

Spain's Women's Institute has said it will petition to have the case taken to the Constitutional Court, The Independent reveals.

Last year in Britain, a survey from car hire comparison site Car Rentals UK found women drivers performed better on the roads than men, citing fewer accidents and less penalty points on their licences.

According to the findings, 57% of male drivers questioned had had one or more accidents compared to 44% of female drivers.