09/10/2013 11:44 BST

Shag At Uni Launches Search To Find UK's Horniest Student

Shag At Uni Launches Search To Find UK's Horniest Student

A dating site has launched a competition to find the UK's "horniest student", with the winner set to receive a prize worth £1000.

Shag At Uni, founded by entrepreneur Tom Thurlow, is offering the successful student £500 cash, a mobile phone, a crate of alcohol and a year's supply of condoms.

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Students are asked to submit funny, naughty or weird sex stories to the site's Facebook page, with even videos and pictures welcome. Stories of "shag leaderboards", porn marathons and cheating have already been published, with presumably many more to come.

But the rather bizarre search has been condemned as "dangerous" by sexual health experts who say it could lead to the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

Sexual health consultant Dr Peter Greenhouse told the Mail Online: "The more people who try to win this award, the more dangerous things will be for their friends. It is far from a brilliant idea in public health terms.

"If anyone is seriously trying to win this award then they desperately need to get a sexual health check-up and would be advised to get vaccinated against Hepatitis B and Human papillomavirus."