Back And Neck Pain? It's Probably Due To Sitting At A Desk All Day (INFOGRAPHIC)

The sedentary sadist is none other than our daily job.

It doesn't matter how ergonomically built your chair is if you have to sit in it all day and you're one of those slumping types who hunches over their desk.

Sitting stationary for hours and hours doesn't only cause physical pain but also lessens productivity levels, as well as impeding mental efficiency.

Lyonel Douge agrees that more than half (51%) of UK workers have suffered from back pain, with one in five needing time off work as a result.

Which is what made him want to create a free way to battle against sitting disease.

StandApp is a mobile and desktop application which provides users with alarmed reminders to take standing breaks from their desks during work hours. (Available in the App Store.)

Discover five tips to straighten out these problems below.

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