A Christmas wrapping paper tube will do the trick, too 🏋🏿‍♀️
These tips could make things a little more comfortable while your home is your office.
From adopting the 'royal walk' to changing your shoes, these tips will have you standing tall in no time.
I've always found it remarkable how common it is for people to behave as if gravity is the enemy, and yet we're entirely evolved to interact with it as part of the way we function, no less so than with the air we breathe. Russian scientist and academic P. Anokhin phrased it thus:
Anyway you look at it, beliefs about stabilising the core in order to get strong, protect the spine and have a good posture are rampant among friends, in communities, in society and in the media. Why on earth wouldn't you follow advice that appears to be endorsed by everyone, everywhere?
First of all, are we certain about what our core actually is? Well, in my opinion core is everything! We could discuss what muscles make up the core but I think a really easy way to look at it is that your core is everything except your arms. Does that help?
Again, one of the culprits behind the bad posture epidemic is sitting in a workstation for hours on end. You're also more likely to slouch and end up in a worse sitting position as you run out of energy. That's why the first habit you need to adopt is taking power naps.
Fear of change is why I think people look to others to fix them. They want to get better, but they don't want to change! How is that even logically possible? Change is uncomfortable, often emotionally so. The familiar is so inviting, it's "home".