11/10/2013 06:50 BST | Updated 11/12/2013 05:12 GMT

Vatican Recalls Jesus Medal After Misspelling Christian Messiah's Name (PICTURE)

Well this is embarrassing.

The Vatican has been forced to withdraw more than 6,000 medals after bizarrely misspelling the name of Jesus on them.

The bronze, silver and gold medallions were produced to commemorate the beginning of Pope Francis's papacy and went on sale on Tuesday - branded with the name "Lesus".

lesus medal

The Italian Mint produced the medallions to commemorate the beginning of Pope Francis's papacy

The coins feature Pope Francis on the front side, along with the inscription: "Franciscus Pont. Max. An. I."

The reverse was meant to carry "the quotation that moved the young Jorge Mario Bergoglio when he felt the call to the priesthood: 'Vidit ergo Jesus publicanum et quia miserando atque eligendo vidit, ait illi sequere me,'" according to Catholic Culture.

Unfortunately someone hit an "L" instead of a "J".

Once the error was noticed the coins were hastily withdrawn from sale - though the four that were sold are expected to rocket in value, The Telegraph reports.

lesus crop

Unfortunately they also pay tribute to some bloke called 'Lesus'

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