EDL Chairman Tim Ablitt Appears To Join Twitter, Gets General Abuse And Then Blocked By Tommy Robinson

UPDATE 17:41 13/10: Another account claiming to be the real Tim Ablitt has surfaced, we are awaiting confirmation...

The English Defence League's new chairman, Tim Ablitt, appears to have joined Twitter.

So what do his social media contributions tell us about Tommy Robinson's replacement?

Well, first of all let's get straight what his role is.

This abrupt and to the point message prompted a number of responses from the politically minded...

.. to the easily pleased...

.. and the inevitable abuse.

Secondly, what is the EDL about Tim?


Next he tried to reach out to the previous leaders of the movement...

.. with no success.

But what about Tim Ablitt the person? What makes him tick?

And what about the future for Tim?

Wow, high hopes.

Well, we all know Tim likes beer but what about the things that turn him off?

Hope not Hate responded although the sarcasm appeared lost on poor old Tim.

It's a good job the EDL is not a political party as its new leader appears to have little grasp about how the country actually works.

Which was succinctly summed up by this chap.

Oh, and there's the rather important matter of the time Tim was suspected of trying to blow up a mosque.

(and he can't take a joke)

So congratulations to the EDL and all those members who voted in this most pleasant-seeming fellow. He represents you superbly...

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