EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Matt Damon Talks About 'Behind The Candelabra', Starring Michael Douglas As Liberace

'I've Done Two Films With Matt Damon, And I Don't Know What He Looks Like'

"I've done two movies with Matt, and I don't know what he looks like. When we go to a bar, I'm thinking, who is that guy?"

Thus one of Matt Damon's co-stars in 'Behind the Candelabra',Scott Bakula, reveals how he shares the admiration of Damon's many fans for the actor's ability to transform himself.

Matt Damon and Michael Douglas in 'Behind the Candelabra'

'Behind the Candelabra', on home release today, sees him turn convincingly into a teenage hot-shot Scott Thorson, drawn into the extravagant world of Vegas star Liberace. The couple's long relationship, through various trips to the drug dealer and the plastic surgeon, is the subject of 'Candelabra', which won Best Movie at the recent Emmys, and another gong for director Steven Soderbergh.

EXCLUSIVE CLIP ABOVE: Matt Damon talks about taking part in this extraordinary production

Despite Damon's abilities, however, for Bakula, it was Michael Douglas who really stole the show, in the lead role for which he also bagged an Emmy Award.

"Seeing Michael Douglas on stage in Las Vegas, with a room full of paid extras who could not help themselves but respond as though he were Liberace, there was no prompting, nobody could believe it," remembers Bakula of the filming.

"Liberace was so bright and shiny, and Michael Douglas was equally crazy good and captivating"

"We were all mesmerised by the image and the sheer absurdity of what Liberace was doing.

"He opened the door for Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga. He was the first of his kind, so bright and shiny. And he kept pushing it - his rings needed to be bigger, his fur train needed to be longer.

"And Michael (Douglas) was just crazy good and equally captivating. He blew us away."

'Behind the Candelabra' is released on Blu-Ray and DVD from today. Watch the trailer below...


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