Winston Churchill's 'Ugly' Quote Crowned Greatest Put-Down Ever (LIST)

'In The Morning I Will Be Sober & You Will Still Be Ugly': Churchill Tops Best Insult List

Winston Churchill's scathing put-down of Britain's first female MP has seen the war-time Prime Minister voted king of the witty insults.

Churchill frequently butted heads with Conservative Lady Astor and his acerbic (and sexist) riposte is one of two appearing in the top-ten list, as voted for by 2,000 Britons to identify the funniest insults in history.

Barack Obama, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Groucho Marx also feature in the list of bitchy one-liners.

The poll was commissioned to mark the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Behind The Candelabra, and yes, Liberace has a well-deserved spot there too.

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