winston churchill

It turns out the Florida governor can't even drop out of the race for United States president right.
The Florida governor's speech didn't go over very well on Twitter.
"Well, there it is. The picture that will go around the world."
Prime minister evokes Churchill in speech haling "an epic chapter in your national story".
It was the first time any foreign leader has addressed the Commons directly.
Ex-president calls Britain’s wartime leader a "very handsome man" in rambling interview with Nigel Farage.
"I think he is a very serious threat, a much bigger threat than we’ve had for many years," the Tory ex-cabinet minister warns.
PM's aide Allegra Stratton says Johnson's days are "jam packed" but says she "hopes" he feeds son Wilfred at night.
The president received a near-instant fact-check after likening his response to the coronavirus pandemic to the late British leader's wartime comments.