winston churchill

"I think he is a very serious threat, a much bigger threat than we’ve had for many years," the Tory ex-cabinet minister warns.
PM's aide Allegra Stratton says Johnson's days are "jam packed" but says she "hopes" he feeds son Wilfred at night.
The president received a near-instant fact-check after likening his response to the coronavirus pandemic to the late British leader's wartime comments.
PM's tweets about Winston Churchill's statue a "deflection", says shadow justice minister.
Self-proclaimed 'statue defenders' were filmed hurling glass bottles, fireworks and smoke grenades at police on Saturday.
The prime minister also claimed Black Lives Matter protests have been "hijacked by extremists".
Britain is confronting its imperialist past. Should the nation’s revered wartime prime minister face the same fate as Colston and Milligan?
We had better hope the lockdown works, for all our sakes.
Wide-ranging “legacies of colonialism" investigation would look at the lasting impact of UK global rule overseas.
Sir Nicholas Soames, Winston's Churchill's grandson, is among those who defied the PM.