Fukushima Industries Suffers Fukuppy Over Unfortunate Rebrand

Fukushima Industries Corp

What's the best way to disassociate your company from a catastrophic nuclear disaster? Why, with an egg with wings and red feet, of course.

With its eager expression of yearning, and questionable appearance, it's hard not to feel a bit sorry for Fukushima Industries Corp's terrible new mascot.

And that's before you even know it has been named, rather menacingly, 'Fukuppy.'

On the Osaka-based refrigerator maker's website, Fukuppy – created to apparently salvage the reputation of the company, which has nothing to do with the crippled nuclear power plant – claims to have been born in a fridge and is unsure whether it is male or female.

It is also curious, kind and has “a strong sense of justice.”

“That’s what I think of myself, but people around me say that I’m a little bit stupid,” the flying egg says, the South China Morning Post reported.

Arguably, these words are more suited for those in marketing who designed the fukup Fukuppy.