EDL Member Moons Tattoo Saying "Mecca Is A..." With Arrow Pointing To Arse, At Bradford March (NSFW)

EDL Member Plumbs New Depths With 'Mecca' Tattoo (NSFW)

An EDL member was photographed at a march in Bradford on Saturday showing off a highly offensive tattoo.

The photo shows the unidentified man mooning the camera to show his rear end adornment saying "Mecca is a...", finished with an arrow pointing to a rather unpleasant place.

The man was part of an EDL contingent from Newcastle with the image being uploaded to their Facebook page.

Other photos show a person in a pig mask in front of a group holding a flag saying "Taliban Hunting Club".

Around 750 people attended the demo. Policing of the event cost up to £800,000, the Mirror reported.

The pictures have emerged only days after ex-leader Tommy Robinson stepped down claiming he could not control "extremist" elements within the organisation.

Tim Ablitt, the group's newly appointed chairman, has been contacted for comment but has yet to reply.


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