Meth Donated To Thai Flood Relief Centre By Charitable But Misguided Drug Dealer

Charitable Dealer Tries To Donate Meth To Flood Relief Centre

A charitable but misguided Thai man was arrested after trying to donate methamphetamine to victims of the country's recent flooding.

Jakrit Mukpradab, 39, was high when he approached a relief centre with 11 pills which he handed to the staff, reports the Bangkok Post.

He then asked them to sell them for 3,000 baht (£60) and give the money to people affected by the floods.

The man was duly arrested

He said: "I want to do good deeds and help people.

"I took five yaba pills before coming here."

He also had a homemade pistol and five rounds of .38 ammunition in his possession.

Unfortunately for Mr Jakarerk the volunteers at the relief centre were actually from a drug suppression task force and they promptly arrested him.

Local district chief, Pawat Lertmukda, said: "Looking high, he showed the volunteers the drugs and told them, 'I don't have any money to donate. Will these do?"

The self-appointed goodwill ambassador for the meth industry could face 10 years in jail, reports AP.


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