Pope Francis Gives Pensioner £170 After She Wrote To Tell Him She Had Been Mugged

Pope Francis has reportedly given €200 (£170) to an Italian pensioner who wrote to him claiming she had been mugged.

The Venetian woman, who is in her 80s, explained her purse containing €54 has been stolen as she made her way to hospital to visit her husband.

She added that the money had been lent to her by a friend, Italy's Quotidiano Nazionale reported.

Pope Francis is reported to have reimbursed the pensioner to the tune of €200

The Pope is said to have replied to the letter with a cheque for €200 - via local priest Fr Gianni Antoniazzi - in an envelope containing the seal of the Vatican Secretary of State.

Fr Antoniazzi told the newspaper: "It is an extraordinary series of events: Francis knows not only how to interact with people, communicating brilliantly and infusing them with great hope, but also responds to personal requests."

The Pope is known for his personal touch, including his habit of surprising people with phone calls - including one to a rape victim in Argentina.

Earlier this month, Archbishop Krajewski was dispatched to Lampedusa armed with aid for survivors including a large tent, games for the children and phone cards to help them stay in touch with relatives.

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