Make-Up Artist Reveals Jaw-Dropping Before And After Photos Of Women Transformed Into Models (PICTURES)

There's a truth that those of us who've worked in the magazine industry know, and that is, quite often, models are fairly ordinary-looking creatures who are made to look extraordinary.

These women aren't models per se but they do prove the point, which is that anyone can look stunning with the right make-up and lighting. If that doesn't make you feel less insecure, we don't know what will!

Russian make-up artist Vadim Andreev produced these striking before and after photographs, and says that he can make any woman look like a cover girl just by using make-up.

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Amazing Transformations: Vadim Andreev

His top tips for everyday make-up are: "...Use a light under-eye concealer, cream blush on the top of your cheek, and highlight on cheekbones. Put some bronzer under your cheekbones and along the chin and blend well over the face...Put some black mascara on your lashes and apply warm pink lipgloss on lips. This will give you fresh, young look."

Vadim has admitted to using a bit of photoshop but says that this is mainly for colour correction and to enhance the contrast.

It raises an interesting question though, one we posed recently when we asked whether make-up really can be 'deceitful' as some people said following a Reddit post of a woman's transformation.

Does it pander to the standardised ideal of beauty or is it just a bit of fun? We think that a lot of the women in the 'before' shots look pretty good to begin with but we can't be hypocrites - we also love make-up.

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