Is The 'Dessurger' The Latest Victim Of The Hybrid Pastry Insanity? (REVIEW)

It has almost become uncool to eat a plain croissant in the morning or nibble on some standard sugar-coated, jam-filled doughnut during your lunch break. Unless it's a Cronut, duffin or Crodough, you're doing it all wrong my friend.

The hybrid pastry craze was born in New York City when Dominique Ansel created the cronut (a croissant-doughnut fusion) and had customers forming a queue in front of his bakery, sometimes waiting for up to five hours.

New culinary epidemic: the 'Dessurger'

The idea has quickly caught on, inspiring other bakers to experiment and broadcast their creations to the world.

There is an inconspicuous pattern in the choices of the joint sweets - it's not exactly rocket science - so it didn't take long for BGRG.CO to come up with the ultimate dessert to a burger lunch: the 'Dessurger' (dessert burger).

But where, you may wonder, is this magical concoction created? On Wardour Street in Soho, London.

The Dessurger takes the form of a sugar-coated brioche bun coated with lemon custard, a pistachio praline patty with vanilla parfait, topped off with whipped Chantilly cream and blackberry jam. (Perfect for my chronic sweet tooth.)

I was delighted try this sweet monster of a dessert and intrigued to see how it comes to life. But my dreams of a laborious and captivating process were shattered when the sweet treat appeared hastily on my plate.

The only detail requiring meticulous precision was the whipped Chantilly cream but even that, I learnt, is whipped up in just under a minute. But what did I expect from a restaurant specialising in burgers?

Still it looked like a dream - or perhaps more of a dentist's nightmare - until I started devouring it. Visually, the Dessurger buckled under the pressure and my plate, once beautiful, became nothing but a pool of sweet ingredients.

From my tastebuds' perspective the brioche bun with lemony custard and the pistachios was perfection - I'd have it for breakfast in a heartbeat.

But sadly, the blackberry jam mountain engulfed by whipped Chantilly cream sent me over the edge. (Days on, I'm still recovering.)

The Dessurger is on the special menu for £5.95, it's a fun alternative to a birthday cake for a friend, or perhaps a (bitter)sweet surprise for your loved one craving a burger.

I know I won't feel deserted (pun intended) without having the Dessurger on my daily menu, though I'll certainly go back to BGRG.CO for their normal burgers, as well as bring friends to sample the newest hybrid pastry insanity.