Celestina Mbam, Christian Care Worker, To Sue Over Sunday Shifts

white cross against blue sky...
white cross against blue sky...

A Christian care worker who lost her job after refusing to work on Sundays is heading back to court this week.

Celestina Mba, 58, lost a previous case after a judge ruled that not all Christians observed the Sabbath as religious.

Now she is launching a fresh court battle to the Court of Appeal.

Mba brought the original claim after her employer would not promise her that she would never be put on shift on a Sunday.

Her lawyer, Paul Diamond, is expected to argue that an employer has a duty to “reasonably accommodate” the beliefs of a Christian worker.

The Baptist and mother of three told The Sunday Times she had faced criticism for her stance but argued she was not trying to impose her beliefs on anyone else.

“We have so many different faiths in this society,” she said. “I am standing up for my beliefs, not for anyone else’s.”

If the court rules in Mba's favour it could also potentially grant Muslims the right to take Friday off, and Jews to be excused on Friday and Saturday.

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