WATCH: Helen Fielding On Her Ageing Heroine Bridget Jones - 'Dating Is Like Catching An Aeroplane'

WATCH: Bridget Jones' Creator Tells Us 'Dating Is Like Catching An Aeroplane'

For ladies of a certain age, Bridget Jones is their inner selves embedded on the page - cigarette-smoking, Chardonnay-swilling, and most desperately, definingly lovelorn 30-something singleton, in a world of bad pants and smug married types.

WATCH ABOVE - Bridget Jones' creator Helen Fielding discusses the third incarnation of her most famous heroine, and why "the 30-something singleton is nothing to apologise for anymore"

Through two novels' and films' worth, we watched as she - played by Renee Zellwegger - first resisted, then succumbed, then finally outgrew the charms of Daniel Cleaver (a scene-stealing Hugh Grant), to fall into the strong arms of old family friend, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth).

The end of the previous book found Bridget happily married to Mark Darcy, but all has changed

Now, Bridget's back, and some things are very different, but also the same. She's 51, widowed with two small children, so the horror of the school run has replaced the dash to the shops for hangover-requiring paracetamol.

Drunken texting and tweeting have replaced the limbo land of 1471, and toy boys have replaced emotionally unavailable colleagues. But much of the rest will be comfortingly familiar.

'Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy' is available in hardback now from Jonathan Cape publishers.

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