Bridget Jones

The British actor joked his career has become more "interesting" since he became (in his words) "too old and fat and ugly" for rom-coms.
Locals are reportedly trapped in their houses as tourists have their cars keyed.
Richard Curtis was previously criticised for the lack of same-sex relationships and racial diversity in his films.
Twenty years since Bridget premiered on the big screen, her creator speaks to HuffPost UK.
Sally Phillips joked that the pair were "even more embarrassed" about having to film the scrap in front of the A-lister.
Featuring the best films from rom-com titans like Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Will Smith and Drew Barrymore.
He compared the Oscar-winning star's attempt to "Princess Margaret having a stroke".
The two actors have remained close since appearing in Bridget Jones's Diary together almost 20 years ago.