Dad Discovers Son Finally Passed Maths Exam, Cries (YOUTUBE VIDEO)

We dare you not to well up while watching this adorable video of a father's reaction to his son finally getting a C in his maths exam.

"A year before this video I was at a grade F in maths and in England you need a C to basically do anything with your life," the boy in the YouTube video, named "ariamark", explains. "I've never been amazing academically and have struggled throughout school, neither me or my dad or my teachers thought I was going to get my C."

"I know some of you who got AS and A*s will be thinking "I don't understand what the fuss is about it's not hard to get a C".

"For you it may not be but for me it was tough and when I told my dad who means the world to me this was his reaction... Enjoy."