Schools should treat this issue with "real concern".
Dyscalculia is similar to dyslexia - but far more likely to go undiagnosed.
The other week I rang my bank to open a new account. It was all very easy. A helpful woman checked my details over the phone
The questions focus on using physical objects and pictures.
The “mastery” teaching technique for maths is said to be helping UK kids improve their test scores. This “inclusive way of
A maths puzzle is boggling minds around the world, but can you solve it? The test has been shared by thousands on Facebook
Most parents can help create a revision timetable and advise on common mistakes like time management, not ticking the correct number of boxes, copying numbers wrongly or misreading instructions, but our children need to understand technique and what's usefu
Does your school take part in Science4Society Week? And does STEM learning there reflect the valuable thinking skills young people should develop, and the just and sustainable world we wish to see?