UK Weather: Rain And Wind Expected For The Month But We Shouldn't See An Apocalypse

Dear Daily Express reader, please calm down.

We understand you may have read the weather forecast with a thumping heart and with thoughts of your loved ones at the front of your mind.

But try not to worry.

Longford, near Heathrow, after heavy showers hit the UK on Sunday

The month ahead will be wet. The month ahead may be dark. The month ahead may be unseasonably warm.

There may even be some flooding in the South West and Wales.

But, dear Express reader, it is unlikely to be "apocalyptic".

Here's what we do know.

The Met Office has issued a "be aware" (the lowest level) weather warning for the South West and Wales for the coming week.

The whole country is likely to see above average rainfall for the next three to four weeks, but this time of year is generally the wettest anyway.

West and North England are likely to see the worst of the wet weather in November

Met office forecaster, Tim Thorne, said: "In the next two weeks it looks to be generally wetter than average.

"November’s a fairly wet month anyway, with an average monthly rainfall of 50 to 100mm in many areas.

"It will probably be over 50mm this year."

Far from the upper reaches...

And what about the weekend's mini-tornado or as the Express poetically put it, the "frenzied whirlwind"?

Well, the South Coast can expect one or two in any given year and there is evidence that their frequency is increasing, but they remain a relatively rare event.

So it might be grim, but what do you expect? It's autumn/winter in the UK.