iWatch Concept By Thomas Bogner Is Utterly Gorgeous

We just got drool all over our keyboard.

This is an iWatch concept dreamed up by Berlin-based engineer Thomas Bogner. And it's beautiful.

Boger said: "I know it looks basically like the bastard child of a Fuel Band and an iPhone. But I really liked the idea of wrapping the Interface around the wrist and have something like the clickwheel rotating around my arm.

"The main problem is, i love the form-factor of the fuel band but would it be practical to read more text than "GOAL" or even interact with it?"

There's no indication as to what the actual AppleiWatch will look like or when it will go on sale but if it doesn't look like this, we're not interested frankly... And given Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly praised the Fuelband on stage very recently - and hired some of Nike's best designers, it might not be far off from what they actually release.

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