Apple Patent Application Reveals Flexible Wristwatch-Style Computer (PICTURES)

Apple Applies For Patent On iWatch-Style Device

Apple has submitted a patent application for a flexible computer screen worn around the wrist.

So… an iWatch then?

While the application doesn't mean Apple is definitely making a wrist-mounted iPhone-style device, it's a good clue that there is more than a hint of truth in the rumours.

The device as described in the patent is a screen attached to a 'slap bracelet' (aka a bi-stable spring) which would fit any user.

The AMOLED screen would be designed to maximise battery life by turning off unused pixels, while powered by a "kinetic energy gathering component" like existing watches charged by walking.

Engadget notes that according to one description in the document the device would be able to read emails, act as a keyboard and browse music, which sounds about right given it's an iOS product.

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