Black History Month: Ibrahim Sincere's 'By Any Means Necessary' Spoken Word Poetry (VIDEO)

WATCH: Muslim Student Tackles White Supremacy

As part of Black History Month, Muslim student and spoken word poet Ibrahim Sincere has tackled the modern implications of racism and white supremacy.

It's a pretty thought-provoking performance by the 20-year-old, who is of mixed Somali and Indian descent.

"Growing up on a London council estate meant that over the years I witnessed many people around me become involved in lifestyles that go against their own potentials, whilst finding it difficult to find any alternative and doors open to them," Sincere told The Huffington Post UK. :The education system may have been suited to my method of learning, and I have been able to advance in it, but it wasn't the same for most of the people I grew up with.

"Over the years I had come to realise that I have a talent in writing and performing music and poetry, and have decided to use this medium to reach out to any I may be able to have a positive effect on. I have been writing in rap style since the age of 12, but only over the last 3 years have I tried to seriously push my work out there.

"The feedback from those who have listened to my work has always been motivational and inspiring, and I have discovered just how much I can get through to the hearts of people. I hope to continue to reach out to people in the future, and change as many lives as I can. Thank you dearly for your time."

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