Harris Academy, School Which Banned Slang, Makes Embarrassing Spelling Mistakes In Test

The School Which Banned Slang Makes Awkward Spelling Mistakes In 'Grammer' Test

An academy chain which banned students from using slang at school has landed itself in a rather awkward predicament after sending out homework which included a series of spelling mistakes.

Students at Harris Primary Academy in Surrey were given a test titled "Spelling, Punctuation and Grammer", and pupils were asked to add a prefix at the beginning of three words to change the meaning. The first word listed was "spair", Education Guardian reported.

Kate Maggliocco, head of the school, said: "I wish to thank all of you who highlighted the appalling quality of the English homework which was sent home for your children. Please accept our sincere apology from both me and the staff in year 5."

The primary school belongs to the Harris Federation, which oversees the running of the Harris Academy - the institution which banned its students from using slang words such as "you woz", "bare" and "innit".

The school put up signs with a list of "banned words," which was posted online by one disgruntled Twitter user.

The two schools are part of 27 academies and free schools in and around London sponsored by the Harris Federation.


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