A trio of older gay men offer their collective take on terms and expressions used by younger members of the queer community – and there is confusion!
It's the "bae" of the 19th century.
"On fleek"? These professors can't even, but they do feel bad for everyone being on top of someone named "Fleek." Lehigh
If we needed further proof that kids these days talk codswallop, then this is it. A gaggle of grandmas were asked by Elite
Like Spike Lee's aptly titled movie, 'Get on the Bus', I've decided to examine the random characters I always come across on my weekday commute home from making an honest buck. I say honest buck. I mean expenses only internship. (Just kidding London360, I love ya really).
In the last months of 2013 there were a few choice op-eds and journalistic pieces that displayed a worrying ignorance of thought on social matters...
I've spent the last year collecting Journalese, the language of news, and have just published a book that offers to explain what it all means. The thorny issue of sourcing has got its own chapter, and when it came out, I was taken to task over two entries..
I really enjoy rolling slang around my mouth like happy little word-pigs in swill. It is so. damn. fun. The challenge now, is to ensure that children realise the fundamental different between slang and The Queen's English
An academy chain which banned students from using slang at school has landed itself in a rather awkward predicament after
Think your child's mumblings, screams and garbles are total nonsense? You're not alone. New research has revealed two-thirds
Once upon a time, at the dawn of text messaging, a simple C U L8R was the height of slang sophistication. Today, with texting
Language evolves. I get that. But it was jarring to arrive in London from New York and hear the degree to which so many American expatriates allow the slang of our host country to colonize their speech.
More than 80 words and terms including blootered, amazeballs and mummy porn have been added to an online dictionary. Publisher
Words matter. What we say matters, who we say it to, and how we say it matters. Here are some words I would like you all to stop using...
Newspapers have been reporting that Sheffield Springs Academy has decided to ban slang in an attempt to improve their students' employability. By all means teach them how to speak appropriately, but isn't that like telling children not to put peas up their nose?
Ever texted LOL when the news is sad? Do you wonder where you should place "innit" in a sentence, and whether it should be
App Translates Youth Speak