But government says a host of Oxbridge offers at academy schools shows the system is working.
National Education Union is now calling for the government to step in, after Ofsted "failed to act" on a number of troubling allegations.
Shadow education secretary unveils schools overhaul at conference.
Over the summer there are have been many media articles and political interventions raising questions about the growth and
But there is also no denying that grammar schools are widely supported, and this cannot be ignored. Politicians need to listen to their electorate, especially to people outside of London who may not feel included in evidence of rising education standards.
'We have to think radically about how we bring about a more just and more equal society'
Jeremy Corbyn is facing his second Labour leadership election in two years. As he takes in the Welsh leg of his marathon
So, Nicky Morgan is to push ahead with her choice of OFSTED Chief Inspector, despite the misgivings of the Parliamentary
Academisation is important. It's vital for parents to understand the arguments for and against this and keep on top of how the Government wants to drive this change. But it's also important to see this in the context of the education world in general. We live in a world where change is common and that's especially true of our schools.
Three million pounds can never replace the countless nameless souls we have lost, both in the UK and around the world since formal education began, whose lives were terminally compromised by prejudice, discrimination and hate. It is to these people that I wish to dedicate my recent awards and honours, in addition to everyone who has invited me along to speak or supported my work.