Watch Jeremy Corbyn Use His Angry Teacher Stare In A Real School As He Tears Into Tory Academy Plans

The Labour leader usually deploys his 'teacher look' at PMQs

Jeremy Corbyn took his famous teacher stare to a real school today as he tore into Tory plans to force schools to become academies.

The Labour leader visited Duncombe Primary School in Islington to warn about the unpopularity of the Government policy.

Nicky Morgan's plan to make all schools become academies by 2022 has been criticised by Tory MPs, with even Margaret Thatcher’s former Education Secretary Lord Baker speaking out against the move.

In a video on his Twitter page, Corbyn said people were “very, very angry” about the move to take all schools out of the control of local authorities.

He said: “Like every school in the whole country the question on the lips of the parents of the teaching staff indeed of everybody interested in the school is: ‘What’s academisation? Why are we being told we’ve got to become an academy? Who’s deciding this?’”

Corbyn also joked on Twitter that the primary school pupils had given him some questions to ask in his weekly Commons bout with David Cameron.

It was Chancellor George Osborne who announced the huge reorganisation of how schools would be run during his Budget in March.

The plans will see the management of all schools taken away from local authorities, with academy trusts taking over their day-to-day running.

All schools in England will have to have converted – or being committed to convert – by 2022.

During a Labour-led debate on the policy in the Commons on Wednesday, a number of Tory MPs criticised the proposal.