Baby Born In Indian Train Toilet Miraculously Survives After Falling Onto Tracks

A newborn miraculously escaped after being born inside the toilet of a moving train and slipping onto the tracks.

Afroza Bibi was with her pregnant daughter Rehani Bibi when they boarded the Lalgola passenger train, by they time the pair disembarked, they were joined by her grandchild, New Delhi Television Limited reported.

When the train pulled into a railway station Rehani went to the toilet and, much to her surprise gave birth to the baby.

Her surprise turned to horror when the newborn infant slipped down the toilet's outlet and onto the train tracks below.

Upon hearing the cries of her daughter, Afroza rushed to the toilet and asked for help from passengers, who pulled together to stop the train and rescue the newborn.

Both the mother and child were immediately rushed to Mira Primary Health Centre at the railway station.

"The baby and mother are fit and safe now. But it is very miraculous that there was no injury marks on the new born baby's body," a doctor attending to them said, according to The Times of India.