Living Beyond Breast Cancer: Women Reveal Their Proudest Moment Since Diagnosis

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event that deeply affects patients and their loved ones.

Whether it's treatment or coming to terms with changes to the body, battling the disease is a physical and emotional roller-coaster that requires incredible strength.

But as we've learnt this breast cancer awareness month from Laura Cannon's beauty blog and Ismena Clout's 'tittoo', the journey needn't be all doom and gloom.

It can be empowering, inspiring, enriching.

With the help of Breast Cancer Care, we've pulled together a selection of stories from breast cancer survivors who know fearlessness like no other.

Five beautiful and inspiring ladies share their stories: what kept them strong and the most memorable thing they've done since the recovery - be it running a marathon, modelling in front of thousands or bungee jumping.

‘I did a bungee jump!’ - Allison, 36, Scotland

Fearless Ladies On Their Biggest Achievements Since Beating Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Care is involved in a variety of charity events, including their annual Fashion Show, which allows women to show off their invincible femininity as well as encourage those still in the healing process.

Take a look at the images of the Breast Cancer Care Show featuring the aforementioned fierce women work it on the catwalk in our gallery below!