Madeleine McCann Found, According To The Daily Star

Is This The Dumbest Headline Ever?

All of the British media - apart from the Daily Star - seemed to have missed the year's biggest story twice in one week. Madeleine McCann has been found in Greece, and then in Ireland.

Confused as to how the missing girl can be in two places at once?

That's because, sadly, she hasn't been found. Two other children, who bear absolutely no resemblance to Maddie apart from a shared hair colour, have been found on Roma traveller sites.

And in both cases, the Daily Star knows full well they are not Madeleine McCann.

This morning's headline on the Daily Star

And earlier this week..

In fairness, both headlines have inverted commas. So that's alright then.

Twitter had a great deal to say about that this morning:


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