#Mamming: New Internet Craze Aims To Raise Awareness About Getting Your Breasts Checked For Cancer

Unlike the three desperados men who attempted to raise money for breast cancer by 'motorboating' for charity (that's rubbing your face in between a woman's breasts while saying 'brrrr'), the internet gimmick #Mamming is really rather good.

Set up by ad agency creatives Michelle Lamont and Michele Jaret, the site features women, men, children and even pets posing while resting their chests on random objects.

The resulting image is meant to resemble what happens when a person goes for a mammogram.

Like most charity endeavours, this one has a poignant touch - 25-year-old Michelle is also a breast cancer survivor, and knows from personal experience how early screening can save lives.

The two wanted to inspire women to go beyond breast cancer awareness and take action with early detection, the main focus is mammograms.

In an email to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, the two women said: "Our goal was to create something fun that would break through the clutter of breast cancer awareness month. We¹ve seen breast cancer awareness campaigns that use humor and sexuality, and ones that don't mention mammograms or breasts at all.

"We wanted to do something that focused on the woman as being responsible for her breasts and her health. Overall, we hope that mamming reminds women to get screened, and maybe makes them feel a little less awkward about putting their boobs in the mammogram machine."

It's so easy to get involved - just take a picture on Instagram and use the #Mamming hashtag.

#Mamming: Raising Awareness For Breast Cancer