breast cancer awareness month

The 67-year-old went to get checked out after noticing bloodstains on his shirts and bedsheets.
I believe information regarding the powerful effects of mindful living and even good old therapy should be put on billboards in order to empower individuals going through cancer - or any other type of physical or mental trauma for that matter.
Twenty years ago the idea of undertaking bilateral mastectomies for a woman who had not been diagnosed with breast cancer was not only an anathema, frankly, it was considered unethical.
When I told my family that I had found a lump, they immediately reassured me and said it was nothing to worry about. However, I decided to go to the doctor's anyways, and at first, they thought the lump was just hormonal. But when it had not gone after a month, I was quickly referred to the hospital.
I ask myself who am I now? I look in the mirror and see my broken beauty. I see that my flaws are as much a part of me as my grace. I see the sacrifices that I've made to live. I see the ghost of my former self lingering in the background and I know I must let her go. It's time to start thinking about the future.
On 12th September 2009, I married my soulmate. Daniel and I had been together since we were 17, a cliché, but we are childhood sweethearts. At the age of 28 we made the formal commitment in front of friends and family to spend the rest of our lives together.
My mum Rita was just 49 when she died from ovarian cancer. John, my dad, was 69. He had pancreatic cancer, while my sister, Gina, was 55 when she died, and Aunt Lilian, who died last year, also had pancreatic cancer. My other sister, Lesley is a breast cancer survivor.
Given the widespread ignorance about secondary breast cancer, it's perhaps unsurprising that Mrs May doesn't know that 'secondary breast cancer' doesn't mean getting breast cancer twice. Nor is it referring to a less serious breast cancer.