Puppies Saved From Blaze By Las Vegas Firefighters (PICTURES)

Every now and then something happens which restores your faith in humanity.

This time it’s these pictures of Las Vegas firefighters resuscitating two puppies they rescued from a house blaze.

I got you: A firefighter gives one of the puppies oxygen after rescuing him from the fire

"While searching the house, firefighters found two unresponsive puppies. Crews performed CPR, eventually reviving the young canines, much to the delight of onlookers who applauded the crews efforts. Officials said the puppies were seen running around while crews took care of the remnants of the fire."

Come on guys, you can make it

Yay, all better now!

The footage was shot via a GoPro camera strapped to Cory Kalanick's helmet and saw him discovering the motionless feline in a burned, smoke-filled room.

Kalanick picks him up and carries him outside where he revives him with water and oxygen.

Sadly the little feline did not survive the night, but as the animal charity who cared for him remarked, he “was in very loving hands to get taken care of.”

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