Experiencing these feelings is totally normal ― and no, it doesn't mean you hate your dog.
The little lord is all tuckered out in a video posted by his new owner.
Our roundup of this week’s good news, featuring wolf puppies, plants taking selfies, travelling rhinos, and a man whose dementia didn’t stop him playing a piano piece he had composed over 30 years ago.
Firefighters in Italy headed underground to retrieve a puppy that had fallen into a well. It’s still not confirmed whether the animal sustained any injuries.
Labour slams Gove’s ‘disposable’ green credentials
'Starting from a very young age they’re struggling to get enough air into their lungs with every breath.'
"It’s so easy to sell a dog online and this is one of the biggest challenges that Battersea faces today."
Dozens of cats and dogs were flown to San Diego for adoption, freeing up space in Texas shelters.