Wallaby In Highgate Cemetery Stuns Visitors (PICTURES, VIDEO)

Highgate Cemetery is already home to Karl Marx and George Eliot.

But its latest arrival is quite different to any of the other famous residents.

A wallaby has been spotted hopping between the gravestones, and was captured on camera on Sunday.

Wallaby dammed!

This cracking picture was tweeted by @secretscorp:

One expert told The Telegraph it was a Bennett's wallaby, a species that lives in the wild in small numbers in this country.

"Highgate Cemetery is a mysterious and wonderful place," zoologist Maurice Melzak told the paper.

"It already has many non-native species, including all sorts of insects and arachnids, grey squirrels, ring-necked parakeets and the occasional muntjak deer.

“So maybe the odd wallaby isn’t such a bizarre notion?”