24/10/2013 15:22 BST

Amazon's 'Greenhouse' HQ Approved For Downtown Seattle (PICTURES)


Amazon's plans to build three giant 'biodome' greehouses in Seattle as part of its new headquarters building have been approved.

The new design features three geodesic-style domes, which look like giant greenhouses.

Together with a pair of mirrored towers, the new HQ would total 3.3 million square feet of office space.

The city of Seattle's design review board passed the proposal unanimously, which means that the planning and development board is the last hurdle. And according to The Verge that shouldn't prove a problem either.

The designs are the work of NBBJ, and are intended to create a "natural parklike setting" for its employees in the centre of Seattle:

"The generative idea is that a plant-rich environment has many positive qualities that are not often found in a typical office setting. While the form of the building will be visually reminiscent of a greenhouse or conservatory, plant material will be selected for its ability to co-exist in a microclimate that also suits people."

The spheres themselves will be about 80-95 feet high, and feature central pillars covered in plants and trees.

Take a look at more images below.