Tory MP Michael Fabricant Says Russell Brand Is A 'Tw*t'

Russell Brand's appearance opposite Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight earlier this week in which he raged against the current political system has divided opinion. Some felt he gave voice to the disillusioned youth. Others thought he offered only criticism and no solutions. Tory MP Michael Fabricant thinks he is a "twat".

The colourful MP for Lichfield told the BBC WM radio station on Friday morning that he had "never heard so many big words used for so little effect" before.

"He [Brand] had absolutely nothing positive to say, he just said what we shouldn't do, nothing about what we should be doing. It's pretty sad actually," Fabricant said [skip to 1.36 minutes].

He added light heartedly: "If you insult people, which he didn't, when you insult people personally that's very weak, and when you start using big words like 'paradigm' and things like that and still don'y actually say anything positive you think: 'what a twat'."

It's ok though, given the comment wasn't made on a national radio station not many people would have noticed. As long as you don't tweet about it.

What was that about too many tweets making a twat?