Cherie Blair Has Had Voice Coaching To Lose Her Liverpudlian Accent, Expert Claims

Cherie Blair has had voice coaching to lose her Liverpudlian accent, an expert has claimed.

The Liverpudlian left behind the 'light, friendly, northern' voice she used as Prime Minister's wife when she spoke on the Today programme yesterday morning, Caroline Goyder, a voice expert said.

Has Cherie Blair had voice coaching?

Ms Goyder said there had been a "massive shift" in the barrister's tone since her first appearances at Downing Street with her husband in 1997, claiming she had undergone training to give her voice more gravitas.

Eyebrows were raised after Mrs Blair spoke on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme with only the faintest trace of a Liverpudlian accent.

Mrs Goyder, who has trained MPs and news presenters, told the Daily Telegraph: "Technically what she's doing is centring her breathing and she's more relaxed. Generally her posture's better, which allows her to access the lower part of her range.

"I'd say she's almost certainly had voice training and possibly singing lessons as well."

She likened Mrs Blair's "vocal journey" to that of Hillary Clinton as she moved from being first lady of the US to a politician in her own right.

"Interestingly Michelle [Obama] doesn't make that distinction in her voice between being first lady and her own work. She's always the same,' Ms Goyder added.

"Perhaps her husband doesn't require her to diminish her power."

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