Google Smartwatch Coming In Early 2014?

Google is "months" away from launching its smartwatch, according to reports.

That the search and mobile devices giant would try to launch a wearable wrist-mounted computer isn't that surprising. We've seen plenty of patents and rumours to that effect already - and Samsung, Sony and others are already using Android for that purpose.

But a new report from the Wall Street Journal suggests Google is ready to jump in for itself.

The WSJ quotes unnamed sources as saying the launch will come next year - and that Google is already looking for manufacturers.

The smartwatch is said to run Android, but be based largely around Google Now - the pro-active life assistant that displays weather, appointment and notification updates.

Google is said to be working on ways to reduce power consumption, and added the watch will have to be tethered to another device to function with data.

You can see why they want to get into the space - ABI Research says 485 million wearables will be sold by 2018.