29/10/2013 06:01 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Mr Ugly Pageant Won By Zimbabwean William Masvinu (PICTURES)

A market porter has been crowned Zimbabwe's Mr Ugly.

William Masvinu romped home with a first prize of $100 in cash and a night in a fancy hotel. He was also awarded a year's tuition fees for one of his children, the Associated Press revealed.

Despite the dazzling honour, the Masvinu has kept true to his roots and continues to deliver cabbages in the impoverished western Harare township of Mbare.

william masvinu

William Masvinu has been crowned Zimbabwe's Mr Ugly

"I'm still poor", he explained.

Though he won last year's contest too, life hasn't always been easy for the 38-year-old, who says he has been shunned throughout his life because of his appearance.

"My mother died when I was three and no one wanted to take care of me or send me to school because of my looks," he said.

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He says potential employers have been so repulsed by him they would physically close doors in his face, but revealed he found love with wife Alice Chabhanga, who is "the only one who wanted me and she knows she has no competition."

After his victory, he said: "My ugliness comes naturally to me and though I did a bit to prepare for the show, I let them do the rest," Spy Ghana reported.

His manager Michael Gundo added: "A bit of choreography together with his funny clothing helped him on stage but it was all minimum effort."

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