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Email messages sent by CEO Sam Haskell contained misogynistic language.
Tough times are inevitable. Millennials forcefully challenge their own inner demons and whatever life decides to throw into the mix. In the present day, personal goals have radiated more and more towards the focus on aesthetics.
"I was branded ‘fat’ because I am a size 10."
'I was branded ‘fat’ because I am a size 10.'
A size 10 beauty queen has has given up her title of Miss UK after reportedly being told to lose weight. Zoiey Smale, from
“I want to help people, I want to understand people, I want to meet people, that’s why this is a dream for me.”
I feel safe and liberated standing in front of a crowd topless. Its a way of reclaiming my body and sexuality. Free the Nipple is not about telling other women (or men) what to do, its about choice, body equality and perception.
Some would say that my recent experience with discrimination is small compared to what other people have to go through, and I agree to some extent. But sometimes it's the smaller incidents of exclusion and misunderstanding that can grow or develop into bigger issues... Barring transgender contestants from mainstream pageants is just wrong.
Even without pageant experience as suggested by said stranger, I managed to compose a reply all by myself and without any help from a penis. I also didn't mention the appalling apostrophe use in his own message, which I can only put down to his own inexperience - presumable ill-equipped after never being judged semi-naked on stage.
Laura Collins, a Durham University law graduate and Miss World hopeful, has said she "agrees entirely" with beauty pageants