Primark 'Bans' Shopper For Photographing 'Mr Christmas' Jumper

Primark Says It's Illegal To Photograph This 'Mr Christmas' Jumper
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A shopper was banned from a Primark store for taking a photograph of a Christmas jumper, with a manager telling her that it was "against the law".

Jade-Marie Harman was left feeling "like the scum of the earth" after paying a visit to the Bexleyheath Broadway store in South East London and taking a picture of a 'Mr Christmas' festive jumper.

The 25-year old told the local newspaper, News Shopper: ""I just saw this Christmas jumper with Mr Christmas on the front of it. I just thought it was a bargain and it was really cute.

"The next thing I know, I hear a voice shout ‘you can't take photos in here, it's against the law'."

Jade Marie Harman with the offending phone she used to snap the festive jumper

Harman said the Primark staff member identified herself as a manager and threatened to ban her from the store if she kept taking photos.

After the warning, Harman bought two jumpers but was ambushed by a security guard on her way out of the store who told her she was "banned" from the store.

Harman says she was then "manhandled" out of the store, adding: "I was crying my eyes out. There was snot coming out my nose in the middle of the street - I felt like the scum of the earth."

She later spoke with the store manager and after an hour of arguing, extracted an apology for the way she had been treated and was told she had not been banned from the store.

The Huffington Post UK contacted Primark's Bexleyheath Broadway store, but no one was available to comment.


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