Knife In Head: Chinese Man In Hospital With Blade Buried In Skull (PICTURES)

Doctor, Doctor, I've Got A Splitting Headache...

With all the demeanour of someone who had simply stubbed his toe, this Chinese man waits patiently in the accident and emergency ward – with a knife buried in his skull.

Ho Lung calmly presented himself to hospital staff in Yanji, Jilin province in northeast China wearing a razor sharp fruit knife at a rakish angle.

Having climbed five flights of stairs because the lift was full, Ho told receptionists: "I'd like to see a doctor please".

Ho Lung calmly walked up five flights of stairs with a knife sticking out of his head

He was so calm, the receptionist at first thought it was a stunt, before leaning in to have a closer look.

An X-ray revealed the knife blade had penetrated through his skull and into his brain but had missed any of the main blood vessels, allowing doctors during a three-hour operation to remove the blade without apparently causing any significant damage.

After Ho had been bandaged he promptly asked if he could go home.

The knife pierced Ho's skull and brain but missed major blood vessels, an X-ray revealed

When asked how the knife had ended up in his head he replied: "It's like this, I was playing a silly game my friend and it went wrong and I ended up with a knife in the head. It was just a silly mistake and it could have happened to anybody."

In the end doctors agreed to allow Ho to discharge himself and he left together with the fruit knife, promising medics he would return for a check-up.

Ho left the hospital shortly after surgery, along with his fruit knife


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